General Contracting & Project Design

 Duncan's industrial contracting and project design is well known for its quality, capability and expertise in a wide range of industry applications. Our project engineers have the knowledge and experience for estimating, coordinating and scheduling a variety of construction projects, including complete plant and factory relocations and rearrangements, diversified machinery moving and rigging, turnkey installations and in plant relocation projects, ironwork and steel fabrication, simple and complex millwright work. With the new Electrical Division, Duncan now offers electrical services in the package. We do it all. We do it right. We do it safely. We do it at a competitive price. 

Machinery Moving & Rigging

 Duncan has been moving the biggest, the heaviest, most delicate, most crucial items on earth for over 40 years, and we didn't make it this far without getting a few things right, namely Service, Equipment, and Capabilities. To move your equipment safely and properly, and place it precisely, we have to have the right tool for the job. Duncan maintains a full line of forklifts ranging from 3000 lbs. to over 130,000 lbs. capacity; mobile cranes from 35 tons to 250 tons; a fleet of tractors and trailers capable of hauling up to 500 tons. Our equipment list includes a portable gantry system with ground level transportation for jobs with limited access and optical micrometer transit and laser beam levels for jobs requiring precision alignment. 

Crane Rental & Operation

 We have 9 cranes in our fleet to provide a wide range of services for industrial, commercial and emergency services for utilities, airports and disaster relief. Our hydraulic cranes have a lifting capacity from 8 and 1/2 to 200 tons. Job size is not a factor. We've moved everything from a cupola on a horse barn to installing a satellite dish on top of a mountain. All our crews are involved in mandatory safety awareness education programs; and to drive home the point, we have developed incentive programs to reward incident-free work. A job well done is a job done safely. 


Millwright Work

 Duncan Machinery Movers, Inc. experienced and highly skilled millwrights are some of the best in the industrial construction business today. That expertise has been applied in the automotive industry, food processing, chemical, plastics, polymers and printing industries all over the United States. Duncan has done all types of millwright work—fabricating for specific needs to precision alignment of a conveyor system—everything from complete plant and factory relocations and rearrangements to equipment turnkey installations or relocation projects. 


Industrial Electrical Services

 Duncan Machinery Movers, Inc. now has an Electrical Division to handle all your industrial electrical needs. With this addition, we can provide Millwright, Rigging and Electrical services with one phone call from you to get the ball rolling. You can count on us to offer the most competitive complete package pricing for all your installation or relocation projects. Have only Electrical needs? We can do that, too—from relocation drops to total plant re-wires. 


Heavy Hauling

 Duncan has over 150 transportation pieces including a 450-ton capacity Talbert Hydraulically Suspended Modular Trailer, a Cline 635 H. P. Tractor, Lowboys, Flats, Single Drops, Double Drop and Landolls. Your load not that heavy? We have numerous straight single axle roll back trucks for smaller loads