It takes more than a long history and lots of hardware to achieve Duncan's level of success. To earn universal respect in this demanding, sophisticated, esoteric business, it takes personnel—sharp, focused, talented, smart, tough people who come early, stay late, and get the job done. Finally, it takes an attitude—Duncan's attitude.

The Duncan attitude combines real confidence in our capabilities, real commitment to fulfilling customer requirements, and real belief that the only way to do a job is to get it right.


In 1959 Duncan Machinery Movers was 5 employees, 1 crane, and a two-room shop. Since then we have evolved into one of the largest, most comprehensive, most respected machinery moving concerns in the region. We now field up to 150 crew members every day, and we operate an extensive fleet of cranes, lift trucks and other equipment. We occupy 50,000 square feet of building space, and our list of services currently includes the following:

  • General Contracting & Project Design
  • Machinery Moving & Rigging
  • Crane Rental & Operation
  • Millwright Work
  • Industrial Electrical Services
  • Transportation
  • Heavy Hauling


If all our clients ever asked of us were simple moving jobs, we would still be in that two-room shop. As time has passed, our clients have trusted us with an ever expanding range of responsibilities:

  • Complete Plant and Factory Relocation and Rearrangements
  • Diversified Machinery Moving and Rigging
  • Crane Service and Rental - Hydraulic and Cable
  • Transportation and Heavy Hauling up to 450 Tons
  • All Types of Millwright Work
  • Nationwide Installation and Repairs of Industrial Machinery
  • International Relocation Capabilities
  • Conveyor Installation and Repairs
  • Steel Fabrication
  • Food Processing Equipment Installations
  • Installation of Crane Rails and Monorail Systems
  • Warehouse Storage
  • Fully Insured
  • Turnkey Installations or Relocation Projects